Web & Software Developer / Graphic Designer
Benjamin Singer
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Some of what I have done so far


Virtual Reality


Virtual Reality


Virtual Reality


Computer Vision / Augmented Reality


Computer Vision


App Development / Data Visualization




Audio Processing / Prototyping

Amantes Mix

Web Development

AOF Nord

Web Development


Web Development


Web Development

My Story

How I got to where I am now

  • 2016-2019

    Aalborg University (AAU)

    Medialogy BSc

    Medialogy is about human-computer interaction, interaction design, media technology, programming, sound, computer graphics and sensor technology. Medialogy combines technology and scientific experiments with focus on both hardware and software in designing new products and tools for use within media technology. The purpose of the programme is to educate students in technology and software development in the modern media and experience industry.

  • 2020-

    Stibo DX

    Digital Consultant

    As part of an international professional services team I implement the CUE Content Platform as headless CMS and Digital Asset Management at large media companies and integrate it with other systems, platforms, services, and tools. I support existing customers as a central technical contact in their ongoing need for adjustments and enhancements. I develop functional and technical designs, and am responsible for parts of the frontend and backend development, giving training and evaluating integration approaches for customers.

    CSR Ambassador

    I think it is essential that the private sector takes part as much as possible in dealing with climate change and environmental issues, resolving social and economical inequalities and creating a more livable world for people to exist and work in. I have become a CSR Ambassador to create and contribute to CSR initiatives and make an impact both inside and outside of the Stibo Group.

  • To Be

About me

I'm a very outgoing and communicative person who loves to be active and always ready to do things. I'm easy (and hopefully) fun to talk to and I'm always up for a conversation. I'm eager for a good challenge, even under pressure, and I'm persistent to solve it to my best knowledge. I adapt to change very flexibly and I'm always curious to learn more. I can work well in a team as I'm always willing to take criticism, as I believe listening to it improves my abilities.

I'm an IT developer along with years of experience in graphic and web design. I have a strong commitment to delivering the best results possible without knowing any compromises, however much extra work it takes. Throughout my studies at Aalborg University (AAU) I have learnt about various fields within IT in-depth at Medialogy. Every semester a group project was carried out by small 4-5 sized groups. These semester projects all aimed to solve real problems in the real world, which helped me learn how to apply my theoretical knowledge in the various IT fields Medialogy included. Outside of my academical knowledge, I have also been actively working various smaller contract jobs, such as frontend web development, or designing posters or book covers. I'm an experienced user of many software tools, such as Unity, and the Adobe, Office and Autodesk products, along with years of practice in C#, Java and C++.


If you have any questions or business offers please feel free to send me an e-mail through this form or directly to trephneor@gmail.com!